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How to Store Cookie Cutters

Wanna add a little life to your kitchen while saving on storage space at the same time?

Check it out, fellow flour flingers!

My Cookie Cutter Wall!

This is an easy and adorable way to store your cookie cutters without taking up valuable storage space in cabinets and closets.  Not only does it make baking easier, since you can see everything in front of you, but it adds a cute homey touch to your kitchen.

I used tacs instead of nails to help limit the amount of holes in my walls.

Don’t have a lot of cookie cutters?  No problem!  Go to any craft store, garage sale, or even look around your own home for a large wooden frame.  If the glass and backing are still in the frame, take them out so you just have the wood frame itself.  Hang it on the wall and place your cookie cutters inside.  It gives organization to a small amount of cookie cutters and doubles as a funky piece of artwork!

Here’s a larger pic for the full effect:

Don’t do much baking?  No problem!  Stay tuned tomorrow for a bunch of other things you can do with cookie cutters.

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