DIY Envelope Sachets

With Memorial Day right around the corner, it’s probably safe to say that it’s time to start packing up those winter clothes.  Ensure that they come out smelling fresh by throwing a hand-made envelope sachet into your storage container.  These can also be used around the house, in cabinets and drawers, and are super cute and affordable gifts.  Having a wedding?  Throw in some spices of the season and hand these little guys out as party favors.  Use your new monogram for a template on the front.

If all you can find are white envelopes, don’t worry.  Simply glue funky paper onto the envelope or take a ride over to your local Hallmark store to see if they would donate some envelopes to your cause.  I know when I worked at Hallmark, we had tons (I mean, tons) of extra envelopes lying around.

Martha Stewart’s Envelope Sachets

Envelope Sachets

What You’ll Need:


–A thick needle (you can also use a sewing machine as long as you remove the thread—good tactic if you’re making a lot of them)

–A template of sorts

–Spices to fill the envelope

–Scotch tape

–Cutting matt, board, or cardboard

Once you’ve found a template you like and have your envelopes ready, use a small amount of tape to stick the template to the envelope.  Lay the envelope on the cutting matt, board, or cardboard and use your pin to poke holes along the solid lines.

Polk holes through the template and the envelope

Remove the template when you’re complete and fill your envelope with your scented ingredients. Use a small amount of tape (or glue stick) to close the envelope.

Remove the template


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2 responses to “DIY Envelope Sachets

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