10 Clever Uses for Hairspray

“What gives a girl power and punch?

Is it charm is it poise?

No, it’s hairspray!”


That’s right…hairspray’s not just for hair anymore.  With all the random things hairspray can do, it might not be a bad idea to stock up on those Suave $1.99 specials…

–Not only will hairspray hold down flyaway strands, it will bring down those pesky houseflies!  Don’t worry about having dangerous chemicals on hand because hairspray will do the trick.  This also works on bees and wasps.

–If you’re wearing new pantyhose, spray trouble areas (toes, between the thighs) with hairspray to prevent runs.  If you have a run already, spray it with hairspray to prevent it from spreading.

–It’s been said that hairspray will help keep your wreaths and Christmas trees staying nice and fresh.  Just be careful…since hairspray is extremely flammable.  I’d play it safe and say that if you use hairspray on your tree, do not use lights and keep it away from candles, your fireplace, etc.

–Protect your children’s drawings by spraying it with a light coat of hairspray.  It will help them last longer and prevent smudging.

–Spray a very light coat of hairspray under the leaves and petals of cut flowers to help them last longer and postpone that dreaded wilting phase.

–Hairspray will also help remove crayon from certain surfaces.  I know when I worked at Hallmark we had a kids table and kids would color on the actual table all the time.  A little spray of hairspray and some scrubbing and it came right off.

–Loose zipper?  Spray it with hairspray to keep it zipped up.

–If you find yourself in desperate need of wrapping paper, grab your weekly newspaper and spray it with hairspray.  It will harden the paper, give it a nice shine, and keep the black on the page, not on your hands.

–Hairspray can also help get ink out of clothes and furniture.  While it’s not a guarantee that the stain will completely disappear, it will certainly help fade it away.

–Eliminate static cling by spraying some hairspray on the underside of your garments to keep fabric flowing free.

Knowledge is power!  Learn fun facts, hints and tips, and creative ways to use every day items with “The Buzz” posts on Thursday.


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2 responses to “10 Clever Uses for Hairspray

  1. I have dogs and it also works great to stop fleas… Those little suckers can jump and are very hard to catch, but some hairspray knocks em right out.


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