14 Clever Uses for Nail Polish

Nail polish fads go in and out with the breeze.  One summer Viola Velvet is in and another summer it may be Rock Em’, Sock Em’ Red that goes on the toes.  I know my friends and I used to have nail polish parties where we would trade colors and mix shades to create funky nail designs…but when you’re sick of Tickle Me Teal, what do you do with the nearly full bottle?

Here’s some clever ideas on what to do with left over polish, both clear and colored.

Naked Nails are No Fun!


–Use clear nail polish on nylon runs to prevent them from spreading.  You can also use it on fresh nylons near trouble spots, on the toes for example, to prevent a run in the first place.

–Use clear nail polish to repair small window shade tears.

–To keep a prescription label clear and readable, paint it with clear nail polish.  Also cover decals on children’s toys that get a lot of wear.

–Use nail polish to give gloss to belt buckles and costume jewelry.

–Painting screws with clear nail polish will help prevent rusting.  On that note, paint the bottom of your shaving cream can with clear nail polish before you put it in the shower to prevent rust from forming.


–For your kids’ protection and your own, paint the top of the hot water faucet with nail polish to easily tell the difference between hot and cold water.

–Give new life to necklaces, bracelets, and earrings by painting them with nail polish to give them a new look.

–Label items like poison bottles, toys, and golf balls to make them easily identifiable.

–Use a light coat of nail polish to renew the visibility of measuring marks on your measuring cups…or use nail polish to paint “1 cup”, “3/4 cup”, etc on the bottom of your individual measuring cups.

–I use nail polish I don’t like on my fingers to paint scrapbook supplies and add decoration to glass bowls and vases.

–Try blending colors you don’t like individually to create new colors.

–Fix any paint chipping on your children’s toys.  Or give them a completely new look!

–Use nail polish to decorate mini pumpkins for Halloween.

–Doing laundry for the family?  Easily mark clothes like underwear and socks by assigning everyone their own color.  Add a dab of the color on the underwear tag, inside the sock, on tags of shirts, etc. to help make sorting easier.

Knowledge is power!  Learn fun facts, hints and tips, and creative ways to use every day items with “The Buzz” posts on Thursday.

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