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Tissue Paper Blossoms

Who doesn’t love The Lorax?  It’s one of the most touching and poignant books I’ve ever read.  Last year, I attended a Jewish retreat during Earth Day and there was a reading of The Lorax.  Afterwards, we gathered recycled goods and created trees out of tissue paper and dead branches.  Little did I know that this craft had the potential to add such beauty to my apartment!

This is not the tree I made, but it was my inspiration!


An empty jar

A filler, such as sand, moss, rocks, buttons, pennies, etc.

A dead branch

Tissue paper, cut into 2″ squares

Hot glue gun (you could also use a glue stick if you’re making this with kids)

This craft is as simple as you want it to be.  Bunch tissue paper and glue onto the branch…then stick it in the jar filled with the filler of your choice.  Simple and elegant.

For an interesting table top centerpiece, fill baby jars with the filler of your choice (sand would probably work best for these) and make miniature versions of these trees.

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