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10 Clever Uses for Pringle Cans

Who doesn’t love poppin’ a tube of Pringles?  They’re thin crispy bites of goodness.  But what do you do with the tube when the fun’s all done?

Once you pop…the fun don’t stop!

–Are you a knitter?  Use an empty Pringles can to store your yarn.  Punch a hole in the plastic top and run the yarn through to prevent tangling.

–Decorate the outside and make “banks” for your friends and family.  Slit a money hole through the top of the container.

–Use them to store cookies, pasta, sugar, flour, bread crumbs, and even kitchen gadgets.

–Save them for craft time and store paint brushes, colored pencils, crayons, and other utensils.

–Store breakable Christmas ornaments.

–Use empty canisters to store paint rollers when you’re painting your house.  It will help keep the paint dry when you take a much needed break!

–Use them as molds when making pillar candles.

–Make a time capsule with your kids.

–Create a board game for friends and family and store it in a canister.

–Attach the bottom of a variety of Pringles cans onto a mounting board.  Hang the board on your wall (so the cans stick out horizontally) and store things like silverware, colored pencils, etc in the different canisters.

Store colored pencils, paint brushes, tools, etc.

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