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9 Clever Uses for Shampoo

So it’s about this time in the summer when I get the desire to chop all my hair off.  I do like having longer hair because it’s easy to just put up in a pony tail…but short hair is just so much easier, cooler, and kinder to my shower drain!  PLUS, I don’t have to use nearly as much shampoo as I do with long hair…

So what else can I do with all the extra shampoo??  Or what if you bought a bottle on clearance only to discover you hate the smell, you have an allergic reaction to it, or you’re simply ready to try something new?  Here’s some new uses for your old shampoo…

Scrub a dub dub!

–Wash your lingerie, wool, or delicate clothes with shampoo.  It will not only clean gently but leave it smelling nice and fresh.

–Use shampoo you don’t like to wash your combs and brushes once a month.

–Mix baby shampoo and warm water together and soak a sweater that’s been shrunken.  Give it 15 minutes to get cozy with the soapy water and then transfer it to a bowl of clean water (do not wring it out).  Once it’s done soaking the second time, roll it in a towel to capture the moisture.  Lay it on a flat surface and start to reshape it.

–Use a mixture of shampoo and water to clean your houseplant leaves.

–Use it as a substitute for bubble bath, shaving cream, and hand soap.

–If you find your bathroom coated in hairspray (guilty!), use shampoo to wipe the residue off counters, mirrors, and walls.

–Use a dab of shampoo to clean spots out of rugs and carpet.

–Mix shampoo and conditioner to lubricate squeaky hinges in a pinch.

–Use oily-hair shampoo to clean collars instead of expensive laundry products.  Oily hair shampoo can also be used to remove car grease from your hands without drying them out.

Knowledge is power!  Learn fun facts, hints and tips, and creative ways to use every day items with “The Buzz” posts on Thursday.

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