How to Decoupage IKEA Shelves

Recently, I have been obsessed with Modge Podge glue.  It’s my new best friend.  I’ve modge-podged almost everything I’ve purchased from IKEA, including these $5.00 wood shelves.

I originally bought these shelves for my “kitchen”, but found out that they were too long to fit in the place I had intended.  They sat under my bed for a while before I decided to pretty them up and use them to store winter scarves and mittens.

I cut squares out of tissue paper and covered them in a checkerboard pattern.  I glued it on with Modge Podge while rocking out to The Rolling Stones and in about 6 hours, I had a new look to my walkway!

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2 responses to “How to Decoupage IKEA Shelves

  1. Very cute! I love those!


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