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8 Clever Uses for Bananas

I’m not a huge banana fan…partly because if you put it in anything, whatever you’re making tastes like bananas…and that goes for smoothies, fruit salad, cereal, etc.  I do like bananas by themselves but sometimes I’m just not in a pick and peel mood…so what else can I do with these bananas before they end up turning a scary shade of black in my fruit bowl?


–Polish silverware and leather shoes with an old banana peel.  Remove any leftover stringy material from inside the peel and then start rubbing away!  When you’re done, buff the object with a soft cloth.

–Wipe the dust and grime off houseplants with a banana peel.  It will remove the dirt and leave a beautiful shine on the leaves.

–Bananas are great for our gardens.  Throw bad bananas and peels in your compost pile and watch your plants come alive.  Don’t have a compost pile?  Dry out leftover peels over the winder months and in the spring, grind them up in a food processor and use them as mulch to give new plants a boost.

–Mash up a medium sized banana and apply to your face and neck.  Leave it on for 20 minutes and wash off with cool water.  You’ll have glowing and soft skin.

–High blood pressure?  Constipated?  Heartburn?  Snack on bananas to help decrease ALL of these!

–If you have a big quiz, test, speech, or presentation in the morning, have bananas for breakfast.  They will help boost brain power and make you more alert.  They will also help settle your stomach if you have the butterflies.

–So you gave your big presentation and went out to celebrate…and you’re hung over this morning.  BANANA MAN TO THE RESCUE!  Make a banana milkshake, sweetened with honey.  The banana calms the stomach and the honey helps build up depleted blood sugar levels.

–Snacking on bananas between meals can help you avoid morning sickness if you’re pregnant.

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