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Website – DesignYourDorm.com

Well, the time has come.  College calls and kids are loading up and taking off.  Now, we all know that dorm living is not the most exciting thing in the world, but playing around with DesignYourDorm.com can make it super easy and convenient.

DesignYourDorm.com allows readers to arrange and decorate their dorm room online…so they can have a “floor plan” for move in day.  Roommates can arrange where things will go, what they need, what will fit, and what should stay at home.  All you need to do is create a free account and find your college from the extensive list DesignYourDorm provides.

Do you need a new lamp?  Desk?  Chair?  Bob Marley poster?  Simply add it to your shopping list on DesignYourDorm.com and you have the option to simply print it out or buy what you need right there.  Once it’s in your cart, the item appears in your room so you can check to see if it will fit and plan accordingly.

Have fun and happy rearranging!

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