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9 Clever Uses for Candles

  1. Have a sticky drawer issue?  Remove the drawer and rub a candle on the runner.  Place the drawer back inside the compartment and you should be good to go.  Another enjoyment, a beautiful scent every time you open your drawer!  PS—this process can also be used on sticky and squeaky doors by rubbing a candle on the hinges.
  2. If you’re going camping, pack along some of those trick birthday candles.  If you are having issues lighting a fire or stovetop, the candle should keep relighting itself and save you from using tons of matches.
  3. If the plastic ends on your shoelaces come off, simply dip the ends in melted candle wax and let dry.
  4. If you have various candles that are scent-friendly, burn down some of the wax and pour it into various containers and insert a wick into each to make your own candles.
  5. Rub a candle over your weather address labels to prevent them from smearing.
  6. A wide candle makes an ideal pincushion.  The wax will help pins and needles glide more easily through fabric, too.
  7. Dip tips of pinecones in melted wax to create a beautiful home décor piece.  Use cinnamon and vanilla scented wax and place your pinecones in a vase on your table for Thanksgiving or Christmas.
  8. Tie up pieces of fragrant candle wax in cloth and put it in dresser drawers, hampers, etc. for a nice (and not overbearing!) fragrance.
  9. Stuff toilet paper rolls with lint from your dryer and tip them in candle wax for awesome fireplace starters.

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