9 Clever Uses for Old Books

As an avid book reader and collector, I know those little buggers can add up fast…and do a great job taking up a lot of room.  So what else can you do with those dingy books that no one wants?  Those unwanted novels that sit at every garage sale just staring up at every customer with puppy eyes?  Check this out…

Re-Read, Re-Cycle, Re-Duse!

Finished using these books to increase your brainpower?  Put them to use as steps or yoga blocks to help with your workouts.  Rubber-band them together to keep them from slipping.

Use them around the house as door stops or step stools or stick them in the freezer between food to prevent food from all freezing together.

You can use the pages of a book to separate baked goods or to absorb grease from bacon or fried foods.

Take the pages out of the book and use the cover to make a double picture frame.

You can use book pages in various decoupage, origami, and scrapbooking projects…especially if the pages have pictures.  Let your mind run wild!

Check out these Web sites for more super cool craft ideas:




If all else fails, you can donate your books to stores, hospitals, coffee shops, laundry rooms, classrooms, and tons of other places.  Just think of all the places where people wait 🙂

Knowledge is power!  Learn fun facts, hints and tips, and creative ways to use every day items with “The Buzz” posts on Thursday.


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2 responses to “9 Clever Uses for Old Books

  1. DK

    Gasp. Sacriledge! Also, lots of old books have all kinds of nastiness in their inks – you might want to take it easy with using their pages as blotting paper in direct contact with food.


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