The Big Lebowski Clay Ornament

My boyfriend’s favorite movie of all time is The Big Lebowski, and who can blame him?  That movie rocks.  So one day a couple weeks ago when I was sick with all that weather change stuff, I messed around with some extra clay I had and created this super cute Lebowski ornament…

What You Need:

Sculpey Studio Clay in the following colors:

Black–3 squares

White–2 squares

Green-Light–1 square

Green-Dark–1 square

Pink or Red–1 square

Blue–1 square

Peach clay–2 squares

OR mix white, orange, and pink

Brown–2 squares

*These clay squares are just estimates.  You may need more/less depending on the size of your ornament.

For the bowling ball, mix two black squares with 1 white square and kneed it until it looks marbled like a bowling ball.  Use a pencil (the eraser side) to create the three finger holes.

For the money pinch off tiny pieces of green and square them off into rectangles.  Take the lighter green and create tiny balls and press them into the center of the money.  Attach the money to the bowling ball by pressing it on there lightly with the rolling ball tool.

For the rug, use half a square of pink or red or whichever color you choose and roll it into a triangle.  Attach details with little pieces of other colors.  For the fringe, attach a piece of clay the same width as the rug to each side.  Press the end of the rug into the other piece of clay to create the “seam”…this can be done with your tools or with a sharpened pencil.  To create the fringe use a needle or knife and create indentations in the clay attached to the rug.  Be careful not to go all the way through the clay or else it will fall apart.  Attach the rug the same way you did the money.

For the bowling pins, use one square of white and cut it in half.  Each half will be a bowling pin.  Warm the clay up in your hands and shape it into the bowling pin.  I made my pins touch at the top to create a place for a ribbon to go and let the ornament hang.

For The Dude’s face…this was the hardest part…only because I’ve never made a face out of clay.  I can’t even draw a face on paper.  You can use peach clay or combine white with orange and pink, which is what I did, to create a skin tone.  I found it easiest to shape the nose first.  I made indentations in the clay ball to create the sides of the nose and then pulled the nose out until it looked real-ish ;).  Then I made a temporary mouth with a pencil so I could figure out how to place the beard.  For the beard, attach brown clay and use the same technique as the rug fringe to create little hairs.  Once you’re actually doing it, it will make more sense than me trying to explain it here.  To form the hair, roll out pieces of brown clay into logs about 1” long.  Flatten them thin and attach one end to the top of the head and twist it once as you bring the other end down.  This creates waves in the hair.  Repeat as necessary.  Attach the head to the front of the bowling ball and tah-dah, man…you’ve got yourself one sweet Lebowski ornament.

Bake according to package directions.

The Dude Abides.

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