8 Dollar Store Halloween Costume Ideas

So you think you have to go out and spend $60.00 on a Halloween costume you or your kids are going to wear once?  Not so.  Here are some ideas for you and your kids that are high in creativity and low in price:

A Bunch of Grapes!


Purple or green sweatsuit, purple or green grapes, green cap, and masking tape to attach the grapes

Bubblegum Machine:

I was going to do this last Halloween but didn’t think I’d be able to sit down at work in a bubblegum costume 🙂


Red sweatsuit, clear garbage bag, water balloons

Blow up the water balloons.  Make two holes for your legs in the clear garbage bag and two holes for your arms.  Insert the balloons through the top hole and either tie it off behind your neck or tuck it under your sweater.

Smartie Pants!


Comfy pants, tape, Smartie candies

Laundry Basket/Bedroom Floor:


Clothes, socks, safety pins

Pin various pieces of clothing to your clothes.  Mismatched socks, undershirts, and underwear are great because they’re light and won’t weigh you down.


Here is my crazy sister dressed up in tin foil!


Creativity and tin foil 🙂

Also, some Chipotle’s will give you a free/discounted burrito if you go in on Halloween dressed in tin foil.  Check with your local restaurant and see if they participate (my sister is a Chipotle freak…thus this tin foil getup.  She gets free burritos at her branch for dressing in tin foil!).


*Weave rubber snakes through your hair.  If they need to be secured, hot glue hair pins under the snake to attach it to your hair and keep it from moving.

*Use skin-safe glue (or theatre/makeup adhesive) to attach toy spiders and bugs to your legs, neck, or arms.  One little bug crawling up your leg is probably enough to freak anyone out!

*Mix and match costumes from various years and see what you can create.  You could probably make an awesome Whoville costume or you could be a ghost of Halloween’s past…

You can find more fun kids ideas here:


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