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Alice in Wonderland-Inspired IKEA Table

So my latest creative venture has involved a beat up table from IKEA and an old copy of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.  It’s not quite finished yet, but I thought I’d share how it’s coming along…because knowing me it will take forever for me to actually be satisfied with it.  🙂

Alice in Wonderland table

This table’s creation happened in many stages.  First I had the checkerboard pattern you see there, made from squares of tissue paper.  I let that sit for about 3 weeks and then I was bored with it.  I found a tattered copy of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland in a free box at my local library and ripped out all the pictures, as well as my favorite quotes from the book.  I mod podged them all around the table and called it good…for about another 2 weeks, anyway.

One weekend while relaxing at home, I decided to bust out some old paints I found hidden in my closet.  I added some color to some of the pictures on the table and eventually decided to paint them all.  And there you have it.  My Alice in Wonderland table.

This is a fun project that can be done on any cheap table.  Mod Podge photos, quotes, paper, etc. and make it your own.  The only bad thing about Mod Podge-ing is that once you start, it’s impossible to stop!

Here’s some other views:

With my “painted roses” from last week! 🙂

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