No Second Chance Book Review

“If you contact the authorities, we disappear.  You will never know what happened to her.  We will be watching.  We will know.  We have a man on the inside.  Your calls are being monitored.  Do not discuss this over the phone.  We know that you, Grandpa, are rich.  We want two million dollars.  We want you, Daddy, to deliver the ransom.  You, Grandpa, will get the money ready.  We are enclosing a cell phone.  It is untraceable.  But if you dial out or use it in any way, we will know.  We ill disappear and you will never see the child again.  Get the money ready.  Give it to Daddy.  Daddy, keep the money and phone near you.  Go home and wait.  We will call and tell you what to do.  Deviate from what we ask, and you will never see your daughter again.  There will be no second chance.”

Kind of makes your skin crawl, doesn’t it?

No Second Chance!

Dr. Marc Seidman is stuck in a hospital bed after being shot twice and left for dead.  His wife is dead.  His daughter is gone.  This ransom note is his only hope of finding his six-month-old daughter and finding out who is responsible for destroying his family…and more importantly, why?

Marc is given one chance to do the right thing and follow the directions he’s been given.  But something goes wrong.  Terribly wrong.  What follows is a whirlwind of shock, surprise, and betrayal as a father does everything in and out of his power to find his little girl.

No Second Chance, by famed author Harlan Coben, is a “white-knuckle thriller” where nothing is what it seems.  This story plays with the most powerful emotion a human can experience:  familial love.  What will a father do to find his missing daughter?  What will he do to find out who killed his wife and tried to kill him?  What will he risk to bring the people responsible to justice?

No Second Chance is almost painful to read at times.  The suspense is so strong and powerful that I literally could not put the book down.  It is a fast-paced mystery that will leave the reader questioning everyone, considering every possibility, and hoping that all will end well.

*And should this ever be made into a movie, I’m telling you that Evangeline Lilly and Matthew Fox would rock the house as the two leads…and I’m not just saying that because I’m a LOST fan 😉  Okay, well maybe I am…

NEXT WEEK:  This ain’t no malarkey, lad…dare’s a head in me bog!

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