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Nutter Butter Ghost Cookies

Nutter Butter Ghost Cookies!

This may be the easiest and cutest Halloween cookie idea ever.  Cover Nutter Butter cookies with melted white chocolate and then use chocolate chips, melted chocolate, or chocolate frosting to add eyes and a mouth.  Let them sit at room temperature until the chocolate has cooled.  If you need them right away, you can also refrigerate them for about 10-15 minutes and they’ll harden up in no time.

Make sure you store these between layers of wax paper, because the white chocolate will cause the cookies to stick together.

Use this same technique and add a few drops of orange food coloring to your white chocolate and cover Oreo cookies or Nilla wafers to look like little pumpkins.  These are perfect treats for school Halloween parties, trick or treaters, or your own entertainment!

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