6 Cute Halloween Costumes for Your Dog

Taking the pooch out with you this Halloween?  Get him in on the festivities with these fun and easy to buy/make doggie costumes!

“‘Woof!’, I mean, ‘ROAR!'”

King of the Block

Make your doggie king of the pack with a lion mane.  You can buy fur like the fur shown here at your local fabric store or you and your kids can make a beautiful and colorful mane using construction paper and tissue paper.  You can use a dog sweater and attach the fur to that, which will make it easier to attach to the dog, or if your dog is willing to work with you, you can use Velcro or ribbons to keep it secure.

Give Little Miss Muffet a Run for Her Money

Ekk! A Spi-gle! 🙂

This costume probably works best with little dogs.  You can use large pipe cleaners (you can find them at any craft store) to make the legs and attach them to a ribbon or a belt that will fit around your dog.

This Ought to Keep You Safe

My Smell is Worse Than My Bite

Pretty sure no one is going to mess with someone who’s walking with a ginormous skunk.  You can create this stripe on your black dog with colored hair spray…but if you don’t want to use a chemical spray, you can use any white powder (flour, baking soda, or baby powder come to mind).

Fluffy’s Got Nothing On Me!

The Perfect companion to a Harry Potter costume!

This costume probably involves a bit more creativity.  The heads can be painted/paper machete, which would work well since they would be lighter for the dog to carry…otherwise you could morbidly cut the heads off two stuffed animals and attach them to a piece of fabric that can wrap around the dog’s belly.  You can also buy this costume online, if you’re so inclined.


–If your dog has long hair, you can glue bugs, snakes, and other nasty things to bobby pins and hair clips and attach them to your dog’s fur.

–Let your dog add to your costume.  Consider the following ideas:


Dorothy Gale

Paris Hilton

Cruella DeVille

The Scooby Gang

Peter Griffin or Stewie

Cesear Millan

El Woods

Charlie Brown

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