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A Meaningful and Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving Centerpiece Idea

Hard to believe that we’re nearing Thanksgiving, isn’t it?  If you’re playing host for this festive day of consumption, consider adding this touching tradition to your routine.

Thankful Turkey


1 large Styrofoam ball

1 small/medium Styrofoam ball

1 skein of dark brown yarn and 1 skein of light brown yarn (I’m a fan of Lion Brand Homespun yarn.  I like the look and consistency of it)

1 4×4 square of felt in the following colors:  RED, WHITE, and ORANGE

Various colored pages of construction paper



Hot Glue Gun


Kabob sticks

Exact o Knife*

*With the knife, cut one of the ends off the large ball so the turkey can sit flat.  If you’d rather not do this, you can simply glue the base of the turkey to a plate or the bottom of a bowl.  You could also place your turkey in a basket and surround it with hay, fruit, veggies, or leaves to keep it from rolling over.

1.  With your glue gun, put a tiny drop of glue on the top of the large Styrofoam ball.  Attach one end of the dark brown yarn to the ball and start winding it around until the ball is completely covered.  Secure with glue as needed.  Repeat for the smaller ball and the lighter colored yarn.

2.  Attach the smaller ball to the larger one using the hot glue gun.  Let it rest for a few minutes before continuing with that piece.

3.  Cut out a heart from the red felt, a diamond from the orange felt and two circles from the white felt (see picture).  Attach to the small ball to create the neck, beak, and eyes.  Use a marker or fabric paint to make the two smaller circles in the eyes.

4.  Draw one feather on a piece of paper.  Use that to cut out your remaining feathers.  Use a variety of colors for a very festive turkey.  Tape one Kabob stick on the back of each feather, pointed side down so it can easily be inserted into the turkey.  You might have to trim the sticks a little so the feathers don’t stick up so high.

5.  Leave these feathers and some markers on your table or near your door so guests can write down what they’re thankful for and stick it in your little turkey.  Move the turkey to the center of the table to remind everyone what this holiday is really about.

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