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6 Clever Uses for Cranberries

I love cranberries.  I make cranberry sauce year-round and I so wish they would last forever so I could display them in jars all the time.  But these tart little ladies can do more than just dress up your turkey…

Cranberries, both dried and fresh, make great additions to bakery favorites.  Add them to white chocolate chip cookies, citrus bread, oatmeal, biscotti, or even pudding, Jell-O, or ice cream.

Cranberries are a great addition to any diet.  In fresh, dried, or juice form, cranberries can help prevent (but not treat) urinary track infections and can deodorize urine.

Cranberry sauce (of the homemade variety) is literally my favorite thing about Thanksgiving.  Use leftovers to add some flavor to your turkey sandwich and skip on the mayo.  Warmed cranberry sauce is also a great dip for meatballs on a stick.

Cranberry juice was also used as a fabric dye by Native Americans.  Have your kids tie-dye white rags with cranberry juice for Halloween.

Fresh cranberries are perfect for decorating for the holidays…not only because they’re brightly colored and festive, but because you can put them up for Thanksgiving and they will be “in season” through Christmas.  String them and decorate your tree or use sewing pins to stick cranberries to Styrofoam balls or cones to create beautiful ornaments and trees.

Cranberries float in water, so toss some in with a floating candle for a striking centerpiece for a holiday or wedding table.

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