The New American Spirituality Book Review

First–I don’t know why yesterday’s post on candy canes was not posted…but you can read it below today.  Sorry about that!  Now, back to business…

I do not consider myself a religious person.  I have a religion, but my religion does not define who I am.  I like to think of myself as a spiritual person, someone who is on a soul-driven journey to learn all I can about life and death, love and loss, and growing and healing.  I have tried for years to find this through my religion…to find answers and guidance through the wisdom of the stories passed down to me from my ancestors…but there seems to be something standing in my way.  I cannot connect to Judaism the way others can, the way my family can.  It feels like I’m hearing the words, but not listening…I’m looking at the answer, but not seeing it.  This has been my own personal battle for years…and one I was finally able to come to terms with last week.

The New American Spirituality:  A Seeker’s Guide, by Elizabeth Lesser, is a book for those who need spiritual guidance.  It presented me with a path to help lead me back to myself, my core, my heart.

Through personal anecdotes and meditations, Lesser leads the reader on a journey through the soul, starting from the outside and working inward.  She teaches the reader how to love oneself, how to let go of anger and resentment, and how to heal and cope when life gets you (or a loved one) down.

If you’ve ever found yourself at a loss, at a crossroad, or at a point in your life where you felt confused emotionally or spiritually, this is the book for you.  Lesser mixes lessons she’s learned from countless religions and teachers to help lead the reader on a journey of the spirit.  As a reader I found comfort in knowing I wasn’t the only one who was experiencing this separation from my core, this disconnection between my soul and my heart.

As the New Year begins, let this book be a guide to helping you find yourself or reconnect with what is important to you.  As Lesser says, “May you remember who you are.  May you awaken.  May we all awaken.”

NEXT WEEK:  Four people, four stories, four souls on a journey…

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  1. Michelle Tolub

    Honey, you are so not the only one who is going through it. Although I teach over there…I have such a disconnect it is kinda sick. It is a struggle I have had for….years.

    We really do need to talk.

    Much love.


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