Scrap Yarn Window Birds

So I was cleaning out some old craft supplies the other day and came across a Styrofoam ball and some left over yarn from a scarf I attempted to knit.  A sudden thought occurred to me to wrap the yarn around the ball and create a flock of little birds…


Wanna make some of your own?  Here’s how:

What You’ll Need:

1  2 1/2″ Styrofoam ball for every bird you want to make (I made 6 birds because the balls came in a pack of 6)

Leftover yarn (enough to cover the Styrofoam)


Kabob stick

Clay–Orange and brown

Hot Glue Gun

1.  Tape the end of the yarn to your Styrofoam ball.  Wrap the string around and tape it on the other side of the ball.  Continue this process, twisting the ball once, until your ball looks like this (you’ll need about 5-6 pieces of tape):

Starting the string…

2.  Continue to wrap the yarn around the ball until the entire ball is covered.  Be sure to turn the ball every once in a while so the yarn is evenly covering the ball.  Knot when completed.

Here are some of my bird heads

3.  Stick the kabob stick into the ball to create the stand.  Cut off some of the stick to create a shorter bird, if desired.

4.  Use the brown clay to create feet for the bird and the orange clay to create a beak.  Bake according to package directions.  Be sure to stick the bird in the clay feet before baking to create the hole.  When the clay has cooled, put a drop of hot glue in the hole in the feet and hold the stick from the bird in the hole until the glue dries.  Glue the beak to the face.

Creating the feet…

Creating the beak…

And there you have it!  Yarn Birds!  You can also do this with a topiary.  I found one in my closet and created this little festive birdie to sit by my window:

For this guy, I just covered the base of the topiary with yarn and set it in a glass dish…then I stuffed it with Easter grass to prevent it from wobbling around.

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