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9 Clever Uses for Glass Ball Ornaments

Glass ball ornaments are a staple tree decoration in many homes; however, you don’t have to pack them away after Christmas…here are some fun ways to use your ornaments year-round.

  1. Most glass ball ornaments have a removable top, so you can take the top off and fill the balls with anything your creative heart desires.  Fill with sand, candy, feathers, or potpourri.
  2. If the ornament is big enough, you can display photos inside them and hang them anywhere in your house for a creative photo display.
  3. Gather like colors and display them in a glass jar for other holidays.  I have orange, black, and gold ones that I put out in a huge apothecary during Halloween.
  4. Use silver ones to tie onto napkin rings for your New Year’s party.
  5. Use a permanent or paint marker and gather 14 of your red, silver, and/or white glass ball ornaments.  On each of the 14 ornaments, write one thing you love about someone and give one ornament to your special someone starting on the first of February, leading up to Valentine’s Day.  By the 14th, they will have a tree full of love!
  6. Having a party?  Here’s a fun game.  Gather your glass ball ornaments and fill them with challenges, dares, questions, or riddles.  Have your party guests pick an ornament and do what’s inside.
  7. Fill with beans or rice to create instruments for your kids or play toys for your pets (I recommend using the plastic balls for this).
  8. Fill your glass balls with fish glitter and water to create fun fish bowls for a summer cookout.
  9. Make a snow globe by filling the ball with water and fake snow and gluing the ball shut with a cork or plastic stopper.  Use a wooden spool as a base.

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