My New Beehive – 2011

So this past weekend I had some time to settle into my new apartment!  It’s not 100% the way I would like it, but at least things are off the floor and put away.

So here’s a little tour of what my new place looks like:

After you walk in the front door, the first thing on the right hand side is my kitchen:

Back Kitchen wall

Front Kitchen Wall

My brand new stove!

Back out the kitchen and on the left side is the bathroom:

I just don’t know what to do with all that counter space!

Duckie bathroom 🙂

Out of the bathroom, turn left, and you walk straight into the bedroom:


I usually put those butterflies on my Christmas tree…but I like them there

Just left of the bedroom door is the other side of the back kitchen wall:

Scrabble tiles!

Turn left again and you’re in my living room!

Books piled high to the sky!

Behind my living room is my dining room…which is still a work in progress.  I’m making my own dining table…so just excuse my duct tape 🙂 It will be covered when the table is done:

This is the room that needs the most “creative work”

Turn right and you’re back in the kitchen!

So there you have it…my new digs.  Another great thing about where I live now…I face southeast so I have a great view of Chicago:

The bad thing about where I live now…I face southeast…so the summer is pretty much going to suck.

Thanks for stopping by my new place!  🙂

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One response to “My New Beehive – 2011

  1. Trudie

    I don’t know what I like most: your teapot, your tons of books, or your view. Nice place!!


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