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7 Clever Uses for Chapstick

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner (and not to mention the relentless winter we’ve had this year), you can bet that sales for Chap Stick are going to skyrocket over the next few days.  While it’s great to have Chap Stick on hand while snuggling up with your Valentine, it’s also a handy tool to have around the house.  Here’s some other things you can do with Chap Stick.


  1. Trouble with garden tools?  Chap Stick makes a great lubricant for stubborn pivot joints.
  2. Here’s one I use all the time:  Rub some Chap Stick on your hairline before coloring your hair from a box.  It will help prevent the dye from staining your skin.
  3. The wonders Chap Stick can work on your lips carries through to other areas where dry skin may occur.  If you nose is cracked and dry from blowing or wiping, rub some Chap Stick on it (use unflavored…because the flavor might burn).  You can also do this on fingers, hands, elbows, etc.  Just make sure you have a separate one for your kisser!
  4. Before I became a blogger extraordinaire, I worked in a Hallmark store…so I was all to familiar with paper cuts.  If you get a paper cut, rub some Chap Stick on it.  Not only will it help with pain relief, but the balm will also help heal the wound.
  5. Everyone hates flyaways.  Use Chap Stick to tame stubborn hair strands.  You can also use it to fix your eyebrows or moustache.
  6. Ever buy a Chap Stick that smells great but tastes terrible?  Don’t toss it!  Use it as a perfume by rubbing it on your wrists and behind your ears.
  7. Knick yourself shaving?  Rub some Chap Stick on the cut to stop/slow the bleeding and help your wound heal quicker.

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