DIY Food Storage Cabinet

For those of us living in small spaces, it can be hard to store all of our food in the 3 cabinets that are provided for us…therefore, we’re left to store our food out in the open…for people to judge us 🙂

Not so anymore.

Food Storage System

I created this food storage system with a grid storage unit from Target and 12 Christmas boxes from Target that were marked down to 90% off.  I mean…is that a steal or what?  All I did was wrap the boxes in shipping paper and glued a tag on each one, saying what goes in each box.  If you’re feeling really crafty, you can stamp or decorate the paper…or even use wrapping paper…to give your kitchen/dining room/room where your food is stored a whole new look.  This is also great for toys, tools, and craft supplies.

Box #1

Box #2

Box #3

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