I Like You Book Review

I like you

Oh, the good ol’ days…remember when throwing a party meant wearing fancy pearls, finding aprons that matched the meal you were serving and decorating your apartment with the theme of the party?  Well, as society and technology move us forward, the need for comfort and friends is pushing us back to a time when “entertaining” meant “charmingly old-fashioned courtship”…and who better to lead the way than Amy Sedaris?

I Like You:  Hospitality Under the Influence is a side-splitting guide to good ol’ fashion entertaining.  A great gift for the hostess with the mostess, this gem of a book is filled with Amy’s favorite recipes, hints and tips, party theme ideas, and proper party hosting/attending etiquette.

Her spot on advice is both practical and hilarious and even the most advanced of party entertainers are bound to benefit from Amy’s suggestions on how to remove a vomit stain, how to deal with the pesky drunks, and how to entertain kids and out of town guests.

One of my personal favorites was Amy’s suggestion for an indoor garage sale.  Whenever you have a party, fill a table with knickknacks you don’t want anymore.  They can be anything from ugly statues to half-filled shampoo bottles.  Put a jar marked $0.25 and sell your junk to your friends!  I mean, who’s going to turn down shampoo for a quarter?  Brilliance.  Plus, your friends walk away with unique party favors that they like, you end up making a few dollars entertaining your friends and family, and you clean your apartment in no time.

Filled with adorable illustrations and photos, I Like You is a treat for anyone who loves entertaining, cooking, or is looking to become the next “Hostess with the Most-ess”.

NEXT WEEK:  Dean Martin once said, “It’s Frank Sinatra’s world…we just live in it.”  Next week, we’re traveling back in time to see just what that world was really like…

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