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DIY Mini Cupcake Holder

For me, egg cartons are just too unique an item to throw away once the eggs are gone.  I often hang on to a few for craft and bead organizing, jewelry storage, and making slam bang awesome tacos…but here’s a fun way to deliver your next batch of cupcakes.

Granted, this will only work for mini cakes when the frosting doesn’t cover the edges like mine do here…but you get the idea.  How cute would it be to show up to a brunch with an egg carton full of mini muffins?!?  You’d get an A+ in my book, that’s for sure.

I did find, however, that egg cartons are kind of hard to decorate…depending on the shape and material.  If you can get plastic or Styrofoam ones, those work best…the cardboard ones are okay, but the random holes make decorating a little sloppy.  I did hear once that you can buy blank egg cartons…but why spend more money?  You’re gonna need the eggs anyway to bake…so get the most for your morning meal.

Mini cupcakes in an egg carton

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