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5 Dollar Cupcake Liner Wall Art

Call me crazy, but I really do not like cupcake wrappers.  I love cupcakes…I love everything about them…but I just think those wrappers are a waste of paper…not to mention they don’t give me the smooth edges I’m looking for when I bake in a pan.

So, what to do with all these wrappers?  How about hanging them on my wall?  Here’s a super cute way to add a splash of color to a white wall (use colored wrappers or wrappers with patterns for a striking piece) or a way to draw attention to a colorful wall.  All you need are a variety of wrappers, a hot glue gun, 4 tiles or canvases, and some creativity.  I think I found a new way to decorate my dining room…

cupcake wrappers!

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