10 Clever Uses for Wine Corks

To get us in the mood for tomorrow’s book review, I thought I’d share some ideas about how to reuse those pesky wine corks…since they never seem to want to get back in the bottle (and why should they, quite honestly!).  So here are some clever ideas on how to put those cork stoppers to use:

Wine Corks

1.  Make trivets and coasters.  These cork wonders are great for setting down hot plates, pans, and mugs.  Arrange them vertically or horizontally and simply hot glue them together.

2.  Glue them onto a hard surface to make a bulletin board.

3.  Glue several corks together in a large square or circular shape and use it rest your muddy wet boots on during the spring.

4.  My grandmother has an Italian-themed kitchen.  If she drank wine, the corks would make a great baseboard or headboard around the kitchen.

5.  Not feeling crafty?  Shred up those corks and mix them in with your soil to create mulch.  They retain moisture, so your soil will remain soft and wet.

6.  Attach corks to a piece of wood to create a coat/hat/apron/necklace/bracelet/yarn/string/scissors/utensil holder.

7.  Turn those corks into a beautiful bath mat for your bathroom.  It will look stunning in a simple white bathroom.

8.  Use them to hold your pins while sewing.

9.  Need a fishing bobber?  Wine corks to the rescue!

10.  An elegant dinner party will look all the more beautiful when you use those wine corks as place holders.  Cut a slit in the wine cork and stick a cardstock piece of paper with your guest’s name on it into the slit.  Tie a ribbon around the cork and tah dah!

Knowledge is power!  Learn fun facts, hints and tips, and creative ways to use every day items with “The Buzz” posts on Thursday.


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2 responses to “10 Clever Uses for Wine Corks

  1. So many uses!! I’ve been saving mine for a bulletin board….my dogs love to shred them though so the process of stocking up has been slow but fun 🙂


  2. Yeah it’s a slow process for sure! I’m sure you could mooch off your friends 🙂

    And I think some craft stores even sell wine corks.
    Another outlet to try is restaurants. I’m sure they don’t have a need for them and would probably donate them if asked.


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