Paperclips Movie Review

Carry one with you…to remember them all…

When I first saw Paperclips, I was blown away.  This touching and poignant documentary chronicles a small Tennessee school’s journey to collect 6 million paperclips, one for each person who perished in the Holocaust.  Children of a Whitwell middle school write to friends, family, celebrities, foundations, etc. explaining their project and asking them to send in a paperclip.  What happens as a result is something so moving, so miraculous, that I have chills just writing about it.

I encourage you with all my heart to add this movie to your Netflix queue…or search around and see if you can watch it online.  I am almost willing to guarantee that you will love it, or at least be inspired by it.

At a time when our world seems to be falling apart, Paperclips appears as a beacon of light, a hope and maybe an assurance that the world CAN change…one small step at a time.

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