How to Make Love Like a Porn Star Book Review

Little Jenna Massoli has always been years beyond her age.  By the time she was 16, she had been beaten, raped, was living on her own and was already getting wrapped up in the world of drugs and alcohol.  She had lied her way into a stripping job in Las Vegas and had even gotten a tattoo two years before her 18th birthday.  It wasn’t all bad, though.  Jenna quickly became one of the hottest dancers on the Vegas strip.  The patrons loved her.  The cameras loved her.  The city loved her.  Determined to make something of herself, regardless of how she did it, Jenna Massoli grabbed life by the balls and didn’t let go.  By the time she was 18, Jenna Massoli was dead…and Jenna Jameson had finally come to fruition.

Today, Jenna Jameson is the biggest star in the history of adult entertainment.  Her beauty and talent is beyond compare, but as is the case in most Hollywood stories, it was an ugly road to get here.

In her honest, funny, and X-rated autobiography, How to Make Love Like a Porn Star, Jameson takes us on one unforgettable journey through the underbelly of Las Vegas…through the strip clubs, the photo shoots, the movie sets, and even into her personal life.  It’s obvious in the first two pages that Jameson’s life was a mess…and her autobiography is visual proof of that.  Weaving multiple formats through her book (interview transcripts, movie scripts, advice sidebars, diary entries, cartoon strips, and photos), Jameson takes the reader on one wide ride through the life of a porn star.

However, beneath Jameson’s monstrous diva exterior, beneath the drugs, the sex, the boys, the girls, the drama, the pain…there was a girl who just wanted to become a loving mother and wife.  A girl with dreams, values, and a desire to hold her family together amidst the drugs and turmoil that constantly tore them apart.

How to Make Love Like a Porn Star is a true mirror of Jenna…many things rolled up into one.  This book works as an insider’s guide to the workings of the porn industry, a gripping thriller, a shocking sexual history, a love-making how-to guide, and a raw look into life on the Strip.

This book goes beyond the flesh and digs deep into the heart and soul of one girl who lived a hundred lifetimes.  Often witty and always honest, How to Make Love Like a Porn Star is a book that breaks boundaries, pushes “the comfort zone” and sheds a light into an industry that secretly dwells in the dark.

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