Spring Time Blooming Straws

Create festive straws for your next summer gathering!  Not only do these straws make your drinks all the more beautiful, but different colored flowers help guests remember which drink is theirs.


Assorted baking cups, both regular sized and mini sized


Hole puncher

Bendable straws

Green tissue paper

Double sided tape

1.  Fold 1 regular sized baking cup in half, then again, and then a third time.  Cut the curved part off of the baking cup (use a circle template to create an arc along the curved end…this will give you the petals on your flower).  Unfold and punch a hole in the center.  Punch a hole in the center of one mini baking cup.

2.  Use a small piece of double stick tape to attach the small cup to the larger one.  Thread flower over 1 straw.

3.  If desired, cut leaf shapes out of green tissue paper and secure to your straw with tape.

*If you don’t have baking cups, you can also use tissue paper or regular paper to create these flowers.  Layer tissue paper to create new colors and more artistic flowers.

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