The Bedwetter Book Review

Sarah Silverman believes that, in order to enjoy life, you have to learn to “Make it a Treat”, meaning just because you love chocolate doesn’t mean you should eat it every day.  Make it a treat and you’ll enjoy it more.

In her hilarious autobiography, The Bedwetter:  Stories of Courage, Redemption, and Pee, Silverman gives some advice to her avid readers:  “Look, there’s not much useful to take away from this book—it’s largely stories of a woman who has spent her life peeing on herself.  But there is one way I really believe I can help the world, and that is to encourage everyone, in all things, to ‘Make it a Treat.’”  If you’re looking for a little literary indulgence, The Bedwetter is for you.

I have to say that I didn’t know much about Sarah Silverman before reading this book.  I knew she was a comedian and that she was Jewish…and there was that debacle with Matt Damon…but that’s about it.  After reading The Bedwetter, I feel like Sarah and I are best friends.  I know her secrets, her history, her passions.

This is a story of overcoming all kinds of obstacles, both personal and professional.  Even the dark moments of her life are handled with a light-hearted humor that only Sarah can create.  From her bouts with depression to overcoming her habit of bedwetting, Sarah Silverman stands proud and strong through it all.  As Bill Maher once said, “[Sarah] is one of the bravest comedians of our times,” and this book is proof of that.

After reading The Bedwetter, I watched some of Sarah’s stand-up.  Honestly, I could take it or leave it, but I could understand why Bill Maher made that statement.  Sarah’s honest and brutal jokes about racism, religion, and sex scratch the chalkboard a little, but when push comes to shove, she’s often dead on.

The Bedwetter is not going to change your life.  It’s not going to inspire to you donate money or change the world, but it will entertain.  It will make you laugh out loud and cringe with disgust.  Like a true comedian, The Bedwetter might make you pee in your pants.

NEXT WEEK:  From incredible loss comes incredible gain…and one inspiring and heart-wrenching story.

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