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How to Make Little Pots out of Newspaper

I love this idea of using old newspapers to create adorable little boxes.  You can use these boxes to store paperclips, pencils, cotton balls, or anything else that’s lightweight and small.  These are also awesome for starting seedlings.

My newspaper pots. The big one is newspaper, the smaller one is magazine pages.

There are several tutorials online regarding how to make these cute little pots, however I found this one to be the easiest to follow.  I will direct you there because the pictures are awesome and the author does a better job of explaining folds better than I could ever do.


I made one with newspapers to hold my paperclips and then I made another one using magazine pages.  You can make them with newspaper, wrapping paper, etc.  You could even modge podge them to make them more sturdy.

Happy Crafting!

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