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6 Clever Uses for Sauce Packets

It’s inevitable.  You order Chinese take out for one and they give you a lifetime supply of sauce packets.  They sit in your fridge until you finally convince yourself that it’s okay to toss them…but these little guys can be put to good use!

1.  Toss the sauces…together, that is.  Combine 2 packets duck sauce with 1 packet soy sauce and 1 mustard packet.  Use this sauce to marinate chicken or pork…or use it to dip your home made summer rolls.

2.  Sweet and sour sauce is also an amazing addition to grilled pineapple.  Grill whole slices or chunks on a kabob and glaze with sweet and sour sauce.

3.  Season noodles or ramen with hot mustard or a sweet and sour packet.

4.  Know someone heading off to college?  Throw some sauce packets in a food basket with Ramen noodles and other easy dorm foods.  When the going gets tough, the “college kid” will find a way to use them.  😉

5.  These little packets are awesome for trying out new recipes.  If you’re experimenting with hot mustard, soy sauce, or duck sauce, save some money by using these little packets instead of buying a whole jar of sauce.  Granted, the quality of these sauces isn’t awesome–but in a pinch, they will get the job done.

6.  Having a potluck or a picnic soon?  Throw some packets of whatever you have on the table (oriental flavors, taco sauces, etc.).  Cook your meat with salt and pepper so guests can experiment with different flavors.

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