4 Clever Ways to Update Your Nursery

Here are some super cute ways to add color and style to your nursery…and you can probably find most of these things in your attic, junk drawer, or craft box.

Sweet Hot Air Balloons:

Knitted hot air balloons

These precious hot air balloons are great for a nursery.  You can knit your own circular pattern or create a paper mache balloon and cover it with a colorful sock or the sleeve of a sweater.  Add some colorful buttons at the base and you’ve got a hot air balloon.

Family Tree:

Visual Family Tree

I love this idea.  You can create a tree on your wall by following a stencil or you can purchase a wall sticker of a tree at various online web shops.  Search around your house and find various frames of different colors, sizes, and shapes and collect pictures of your family to hang on your tree.  This is a stunning and sweet art piece for any room in your house.

Pimp That Crib!

Crib Desk!

Just because baby is ready for a big kid bed doesn’t mean you have to toss the crib on the curb.  Detach one of the sides of the crib and either paint the base with chalkboard paint or install a desk top surface and you’ve got a fun arts and crafts center!

G.I. Joe to the Rescue:

G.I. Joe Bookshelf

Okay, I admit that this is kind of morbid, but I love this idea!  All you need after a slight G.I. Joe operation is some hot glue.  Glue the two halves of the doll to the top and bottom of a bookshelf and voila!  A guarantee that those books aren’t going anywhere.

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