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Lady Bug Cookies

If you’ve ever signed up to receive The Swiss Colony catalog, you’re probably familiar with these truffles:

Lady Bug Truffles

The Swiss Colony has had these for a few years now…and I just think they are the cutest thing…however, I’m not the biggest truffle fan.  I love me some chocolate, but the stuff from The Swiss Colony is just too sweet for me.  Therefore, I’ve found a way to make these super cute ladybugs using cookies and chocolate.


10-15 nilla wafer round cookies

1 1/2 cup red chocolate melts

1 cup chocolate chips

1.  Melt red chocolate melts in a double boiler or in the microwave.  Cover Nilla Wafers with red chocolate and let cool completely.  Decorate the face, wings, eyes, etc. with melted chocolate chips.  Let your creativity fly!

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