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All Our Relations Book Review


For centuries the Native Americans have been fighting “the system” to obtain control over their land and their way of life.  In most cases, it’s been a bloody exhausting struggle to a finish line that keeps disappearing.

Unfortunately, the Earth can’t speak for itself.  It can’t play the blame game or say for certain who’s right and who’s wrong; however, there are people who speak on the Earth’s behalf…a Lorax, if you will.  Winona LaDuke is one such Lorax.

In what’s come to be known has her critically acclaimed non-fiction debut, LaDuke’s narrative, All Our Relations:  Native Struggles for Land and Life, is a testimony to those few people who will stop at nothing to maintain control over their way of life.

LaDuke’s in-depth account of resistance to cultural and environmental degradation is thanks to years of experience in public speaking, testimonial analyzing, and leading her own protests and demonstrations.

All Our Relations speaks quite forcefully for self-determination and way of life.  LaDuke is a powerful, strong, and emotional voice for all of those Native Americans who, for whatever reason, were not able to have their voices heard.  Not only does she speak for her own tribe (the Anishinaabeg), but stands up for the Innu, Cheyenne, Mohawks, and many other tribes who constantly find themselves fighting for a place to live, food to eat, and a return to the cultural traditions that make them who they are.

*Thankfully, some things have changed since All Our Relations has been published…but they haven’t changed enough.  As LaDuke herself says, “Change will come.  As always, it is just a matter of who determines what that change will be.”

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