Baby Sock Advent Calendar

I love advent calendars!  I mean, who doesn’t, really?  You get to open a cute little gift every day leading up to Christmas (or Valentine’s Day, or your birthday, or what have you)!  Advent calendars make great gifts and are awesome projects to do as a family.

This adorable advent calendar is made with baby socks.  You can buy socks, knit them, or use the socks that have lost their “soul mate”.  Fill each sock with a little treat and count down the days until the big day!

You can use clothespins to attach the socks to the banner, but if you’re putting something heavy in the sock, they might slide off.  If that’s the case, use a needle and thread and sew the socks onto a thick banner for a little extra support.

This would be a great gift for a baby who is celebrating the first of many Christmas’s (or a gift to the parents if you fill each sock with something they may need to help care for the baby)…just be sure to give it to them before December 1!

Baby Sock Advent Calendar

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2 responses to “Baby Sock Advent Calendar

  1. I love this idea! We just found out that I’m pregnant (due in July), so I’m definitely going to be doing this for next Christmas!!


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