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Big-Eyed Owl Cupcakes

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a sucker for disproportionate things.  Little heads with big eyes, huge heads with little bodies, giant heads with tiny eyes, anything that’s so obviously out of whack is okay by me.

So you can imagine my excitement when my sister emailed me this picture, requesting I make these cupcakes for her ASAP:

I about died.  I almost fell out of my chair from laughing so hard.  Seriously guys, are these not the cutest things of your life?  I was so taken with these cute little owls that I just had to make them.

When Christmas finally rolled around, I decided to make these little guys for my sister’s Harry Potter themed gift.  Unfortunately I didn’t have time to get to the store to buy stuff for cupcakes and frosting, so I had to make do with shortcake bowls and chocolate pudding.  Here was the result:

I can’t tell you how much I was laughing when I was making these.  They’re just too cute!  I’m laughing right now just writing about this!  Haha!

Well I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that these are so easy to make.  This is also a really great way to get kids involved in cooking and baking.

Owl Cupcakes


Sponge cake bowls or cupcakes

Chocolate pudding or frosting

Oreo cookies (double stuffed works best)

Reese’s Pieces


Spoon chocolate pudding into the sponge cake bowls, or frost your cupcakes.  Use a knife to mess up the pudding/frosting a little bit.  You don’t want perfect swirls here, you want it to resemble feathers…so don’t worry about baking pretty!  Set aside.

Embrace the inner child in you and carefully twist the Oreo cookies apart, doing your best to keep all the filling on one side.  This is why double stuffed works best.  Set aside the unfilled cookie for another use (or snack on them as you decorate!).  Use a sharp paring knife and very lightly rub any crumbs off the white filling.  You want it to be as white as you can make it!

Pour out your Reese’s Pieces and use the brown candies for the eyes and the orange ones for the beaks.  Gain valuable strength and endurance by noshing on the yellow ones!  Gently press the brown candies into the cream of the Oreo and place the Oreo eye balls on your pudding bowls/frosted cupcakes.  To make the beak, just place the orange candy in sideways.

See how easy that is?  These little owl cupcakes are great for kids birthday parties, Halloween parties, or just a fun thing to do on a rainy/snowy afternoon!  Also Valentine’s Day is coming up…why not show “whoo” you love by making them a cute little batch of happy owls?

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