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Dark Princess Book Review

Known for his pompous, pretentious, and laborious writing style, W.E.B. DuBois was a writer in a league all his own.  His work is often criticized as being controversial, proud, and sometimes over the top.  Most of his writing focuses on the problem of “the color line” and the quest for racial justice.  Perhaps his most popular and well-loved publication, Dark Princess, is a testimony to his favorite themes of race, sex, and radical politics.

In this political fairytale, heavy with propagandist overtones, Matthew Towns becomes involved in various libration movements to help give freedom and respect to his people.  Having been thrown out of medical school because the Dean would not allow him to pass his last exam, Towns finds himself alone and exiled in 1920’s Berlin.

Down on his luck, Towns walks into a bar where he Princess Kautilya, daughter of a maharajah, and suddenly everything changes.  At first he’s completely taken with her charm and beauty, but soon learns of her intelligence and intellect when she invites him to join the international team she’s heading in which people of color unite against white imperialism.

Filled with everything that makes good dramatic and romantic reading, Dark Princess is a true modern day fairy tale…where a boy becomes a man, finds royal love, and embarks on a quest to find truth and due diligence in a world where nothing is fair or right.

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