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Bossypants Book Review

There’s something wonderful about Tina Fey.  Well, there’s lots of things wonderful about her.  She’s a strong powerhouse of a woman who has not only contributed to some of the funniest moments on TV (SNL, 30 Rock), she’s also a mom, a wife, a friend, and one hell of a writer.

When I found out that Tina Fey was writing an autobiography, I almost started “lizzing” (you’re welcome, 30 Rock fans!).  I think Tina and her alter ego, Liz Lemon, speak to the women all over the world who work tirelessly and fervently to make a life for themselves and their loved ones.  Take it from Tina:  You can conquer the world!  You can wear “There’s No Crying In Baseball!” tee shirts with Spandex shorts, and you can boss Alec Baldwin around…well, maybe not.

Bossypants is Tina’s hilarious memoir on her life thus far…from her early college days, to becoming the first female head writer of NBC’s Saturday Night Live, to running, starring in, and producing 30 Rock, her somewhat sarcastic love letter to NBC.  There were several times in Bossypants that I literally laughed out loud and found myself loving Tina more and more.  In her own hilarious way, Fey discusses being a working mom, dealing with institutionalized sexism, and even how she got her facial scar.  For her fans,Bossypantsis a long-awaited look into the life of  a woman we all can’t help but love.

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