The Girl with Glass Feet Book Review

As Ida walks nimbly and carefully through the woods of St. Hauda’s Land one cold winter day, she comes upon a young man taking pictures of rocks, ice, and snow.  As Midas takes his eye away from the camera and finally notices Ida, he’s instantly taken with her.  He can’t quite pin down why she is so mystifying to him.  Is it her fair skin, her washed complexion, her thin frail body so out of place in the cold of winter?  As he studies her, this young woman who appears so weak and cold, he can’t help but notice that her boots are quite large…too large for her thin legs and feet.  She tells him that she’s sick and not to worry, but as she leaves, he can’t help but notice that her steps are too careful, her gaze remains on the cold ground below as she carefully raises and lowers her feet, one by one.

Midas can’t help but wonder… ‘What’s this girl’s story?’  ‘What is causing her illness?’ ‘What’s with those large boots?’.  He begins a quest to learn more about Ida, more about why she is the way she is and what is making her so sick.  When he finds out the truth, he’s faced with the ultimate decision…to trust love or fate.

From page one I was completely hooked on The Girl with the Glass Feet.  This beautiful story of romance, solitude, and loss is told with such poetic verse that you can’t help but be wrapped up in it.  Like true fairy tales and folklore, The Girl with the Glass Feet is a fantastical and mystical story told in a real world setting.  Amidst flocks of flying bull, magical forest monsters, and a spell that has many walking on eggshells, a man and a woman fall in love…and despite fate’s fickle finger, do all they can to make the most of their time together.

The Girl with the Glass Feet is a story for everyone who has ever believed in fairy tales, who has experienced the joy and the loss of love, and who has ever been warmed by the kindness of another human being.

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