My Lucky Life Book Review

You may know him as Caractacus Potts or Burt the Chimney Sweep.  Others know him as Dr. Mark Sloan, D.A. Fletcher, or Richard Harmon.  But most people nowadays know him as Rob Petrie…that loveable and funny family man who tripped into living rooms all over the country on the beloved Dick Van Dyke Show.

In his sweet and charming autobiography, My Lucky Life In and Out of Show Business, Dick Van Dyke opens up about his years working as a performer on stages, TV sets, and the silver screen.  From his humble days as boy growing up in Illinois to the years spent on Diagnosis Murder and Night at the Museum, My Lucky Life is a look into the life of a man who touched the hearts of millions through his jokes, dances, songs, and characters.

My Lucky Life was a treat to read.  You won’t find blasphemous stories about Van Dyke’s trouble with alcohol or his rocky relationship with his wife and kids, rather you’ll read about what you want to read about.  Van Dyke’s relationship with Walt Disney and his work on Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang and Mary Poppins, his wonderful years spent working on TDVDS and his real-life crush on Mary Tyler Moore, and even a quick look into Diagnosis Murder and his more recent work in Night at the Museum and a handful of made for TV movies.  For the true fans of this wonderful and funny man, this is a charming and wonderful book that, like the man who wrote it, is sure to leave you happy and smiling.

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