The Animal Dialogues Book Review

The Animal Dialogues: Uncommon Encounters in the Wild is a lyrical and beautifully written collection of short essays written by Craig Childs, one of the most appreciated and finest nature writers of our time. From his terrifying experience staring down a mountain lion to his Alfred Hitchcock-like run in with a group of murderous ravens, these various experiences with the animal world will leave you inspired to go out walking, traveling, adventure seeking to find and create your own tales of wilderness and discovery.

As a lover of wilderness and travel literature, I cannot recommend The Animal Dialogues enough. The writing is absolutely exquisite as Childs creates a whole new world in every short essay. Moving fluidly from beasts to birds, fish to insects, readers are immersed in the world of one animal at a time, gaining new appreciation and knowledge for everything from the praying mantis to the majestic mountain lion.

A true man of the world, Childs shares with us a look into the life of our animal neighbors. With profound respect, Childs immerses himself in a world where anything goes…where animals are wild and free…where many humans fear to tread. As he says in the beginning of The Animal Dialogues, “Animals are watching. Right now they are in the woods, many of them looking back over their shoulders or peering down at us from bridges or tree branches as we march below, snapping dry wood with our boot soles and squishing soft, fleshy mushrooms.” Thankfully for us, Childs is watching, too.

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