My Last Supper Book Review

If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, what would your last meal be?  Would you be adventurous and try something new and foreign, or would you stick to something tried and true:  a meal you knew well and loved?

For the 50 chefs interviewed in Melanie Dunea’s book, My Last Supper, the infamous question of “The Last Meal”  brings many back to the days of growing up in the kitchen, helping mom, grandma, or other family members cook up simple pasta meals, while snacking on bread and butter.  While the thought of “The Last Meal” frustrates many chefs (like asking an author what their favorite book is or asking anyone to name their favorite song or food), the responses given in My Last Summer were so beautiful and simple.  While many chefs admitted that they would indulge in everything and anything, many said that their last meal would be simple and light…bread and fine olive oil, a light pasta salad, or just an evening filled with fine wine and friends.

Complete with beautiful photographs of every chef interviewed, My Last Supper is a real feast for all the senses.  Well known chefs like Mario Batali, Rick Bayless, Anthony Bourdain, Jamie Oliver, Jacques Pepin, Gordon Ramsay, Eric Ripert, Charlie Trotter, Jose Andres (my favorite!), Lidia Bastianich, and many more are asked a series of five questions, all having to do with the last meal.  The questions include: “What would your last meal be?”, “Who would dine with you?”, and “Who would prepare it?”.

For lovers of food and the people that make it best, My Last Supper is a beautiful coffee table book that will leave you questioning your culinary favorites…and what your epic “Last Meal” might be.

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