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35 Things You Will Never See Again

In the wake of finding out that I may never eat a Hostess Ho-Ho again in my entire life (eep!), I received this fun list of other things we’ll probably never see again. In a way, it’s sad to think that they’re gone forever…but I will say that I’m happy I got to experience almost all of these things!

If you were lucky enough to be able to rent a Blockbuster movie, play with Gak, and get amazing life advice from Mr. Feeny, you’re going to love this list of 35 Things You Will Never See Again in Your Life.  Though they may be gone forever…or at least a super long time…they’re never forgotten!

Have something else to add to the list? Add it in the comments section! Thanks to Dave Stopera for assembling this awesome collection of 35 Things You Will Never See Again!

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