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Crocheted Snowflakes

Snowflakes are some of my favorite holiday decorations because they can be out all winter long. They’re also great for those who don’t celebrate Christmas, but still love to get in the decoration spirit!

These easy crocheted snowflakes are perfect for that, and can be used to decorate anything from a window to a gift package. You could even sew them together to create a cute snowflake scarf to wear and show off. I think I’m going to string mine on a garland and hang them on my wall. There are just so many possibilities on how to use these adorable little snowflakes!

I will warn you, though, that these snowflakes are terribly addicting. Once you’ve made one or two, you’re going to find it impossible to stop!

These little snowflakes are also great for using up all that leftover yarn. One snowflake doesn’t require much yarn at all, so this is the perfect project to help you work through that stash of yarn that you just can’t seem to part with. I wonder what a whole rainbow of snowflakes would look like…I have a lot of yarn left over from my Rainbow Afghan…maybe it’s time to start making some colorful snowflakes!

Crocheted Snowflakes

Crocheted Snowflakes:


  • 1 skein yarn (I used Red Heart) in the colors of your choice
  • 5.5 [US I-9] crochet hook
  • Yarn needle



  1. Ch 4, join with slip st to form a ring.
  2. Round 1: Ch 5 (counts as hdc, ch 3), [hdc,ch 3] 5 times in ring; join with slip st in 2nd ch of beginning ch-5—6 ch-3 spaces.
  3. Round 2: Ch 1, sc in same st as joining, (2 sc, ch 5, 2 sc) in next ch-3 space, *sc in next hdc, (2 sc, ch 5, 2 sc) in next ch-3 space; repeat from * around; join with slip st in first sc—6 ch-5 spaces.
  4. Round 3: Ch 1, sc in first sc, *ch 3, [sc, ch 5, sc, ch 7 (point), sc, ch 5, sc] in 3rd ch of next ch-5 space, ch 3, skip next 2 sc**, sc in next sc; repeat from * around, ending last repeat at **, join with slip st in first sc—6 ch-7 points. Fasten off.

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