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9 Clever Uses for Tuna Cans

It just seems wasteful to me to throw away tuna cans.  These cute little aluminium canisters can be used for all sorts of things (after a hot bath, of course!  You don’t want your crafts smelling fishy)!

From gift giving to organizing, tuna cans can be put to use in several ways.  You can use them to store small items in a drawer (I’m thinking office supplies, jewelry, small craft materials, and even nuts and bolts).  You could convert them into adorable tea light holders that are perfect for setting the mood for an outdoor party or wedding.  You could also use them in the summer to help build sand castles!  The possibilities are nearly endless for what you can do with these little tin cans.

On a quest to find some clever uses for these little tin treasures, I came upon all these amazing ideas for how to put old tuna cans to use.  I love the idea of turning it into a pin cushion…and I think those tea light holders are precious!

A few tips for you as you begin crafting with tuna cans…or any tin can for that matter:

  • As most of us know, aluminum can be very sharp…and aluminum cuts are no fun at all.  To prevent nicks and cuts, be sure to sand the edges of your can before you begin crafting.  If you’re lucky enough to find a can that has a pull top lid, you might have better luck with smoother edges.  For tuna cans, you often have to use a can opener.  Cut all the way around the lid to prevent little pieces of metal from sticking out of the side of the can.  I also recommend tossing the lid, as it is very sharp as well.  If you do use the lid, be sure to sand or cover the edges carefully so you don’t hurt yourself!
  • If you’re having trouble removing the smell from the can (especially if you’re using canned dog food or cat food tins instead of tuna cans), here’s a helpful trick:  Wash your tins thoroughly with hot soapy water to get as much of the smell off as you can.  Dry and add a dollop of yellow mustard…just the general stuff that you put on burgers.  Wipe it around the can and add a splash of very hot water to the tin.  Cover it with your hand or a plate and slosh it around for a bit.  Let sit for at least 10-30 minutes and rinse and wash again.  It sounds strange, but I’m telling you…it works!

Here are a few of my favorite ideas for reusing tuna cans!  What else can you do with them?

Tuna Can Crafts

1.  Tuna Can Clock from Recyclart

2.  Recycled Candy Containers from Skip to My Lou

3.  Tuna Can Pin Cushion from Madigan Made

4.  Tuna Can Ornaments from Mel Designs

5.  Color My World Thank You Gift from Kim’s Kandy Kreations

6.  Tuna Can Fire Starters from Happy Go Puppetry

7.  Tuna Can Candle Holders from Crescent and Old Lace

8.  Tuna Can Baskets from Don’t Eat the Paste

9.  Tuna Can Organizers from Messy Mimi

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